What’s New at LJCSC

Here at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, we strive to offer our patients the latest technology, treatments, and products—and we can’t wait for you to see all of the great new services we’re now offering!

sculpsure laser fat reduction la jolla

COMING SOON! Introducing our newest non-invasive fat reduction option, SculpSure® by Cynosure. SculpSure uses specialized laser technology to selectively heat and destroy unwanted fat cells without harming surrounding tissues. With no needles, suction, or freezing temps, SculpSure can comfortably reduce stubborn fat bulges by up to 24% in one treatment, with sessions lasting only 25 minutes. Stay tuned to find out when SculpSure arrives at LJCSC!


The latest from Thermi Aesthetics has arrived at LJCSC, and we’re thrilled to offer you better tightening and toning than ever! Thermi250™ is a non-surgical treatment for loose skin and areas of excess fat on the abdomen, arms, thighs, and bra line. Using controlled radiofrequency, Thermi250 safely and effectively causes tissues to shrink and tighten immediately, in addition to prompting increased collagen production in the area for greater improvement over time.


Cellfina™ Cellulite Reduction

It’s rare to find someone with perfectly smooth skin, but that doesn’t make cellulite any less of an annoyance. If you’re tired of trying ineffective creams to reduce dimples, Cellfina may be a great option for you. This minimally invasive procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite for at least a year!


CoolSculpting® CoolMini­™ Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

Up to 68% of consumers are frustrated will excess fat under the chin—and if you’re one of them, you’ll be thrilled to learn about CoolMini. Using the same, non-surgical fat reduction technology as CoolSculpting, the CoolMini applicator can help reduce your double chin or other small areas of localized fat.

CoolMini before and after


Kybella™ Injections for Treating Submental Fat

Excess fat under the chin, known as “submental fullness,” is a frustrating condition that can affect almost anyone—and this area is particularly difficult to tone. That’s where Kybella comes in! This injectable treatment safely, effectively, and permanently reduces fat under the chin with no surgery or downtime.

Photos courtesy of Allergan, Inc.


Restylane® Silk for Subtle Lip Enhancement

Restylane Silk is a safe and natural-looking option for improving the definition of your lips, subtly enhancing volume and shape, and smoothing fine lines around the mouth. Formulated with small, smooth particles of hyaluronic acid, Restylane Silk is a gentle product perfectly suited to the delicacy of your lips and areas around your mouth.

Photos courtesy of Galderma.
Photos courtesy of Galderma.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our new services or would like to schedule your appointment, contact us today!