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Natural Buttock Enhancement

If you want a more pronounced buttock profile or just more fullness, a natural option—fat transfer—may be a possibility. In discussions with your doctor, you can select the PureGraft™ fat transfer technique. This is an extremely good alternative to buttock implants. Fat transfer via PureGraft™ eliminates common problems associated with buttock implants (i.e., scarring, implant extrusion, capsule formation, and infection).

Your buttock augmentation is created with your own living tissue. It will not become displaced. In order to be a candidate for this procedure, you need to have excess fat in your thighs, flanks, or abdomen that can be harvested and processed for a transfer. If you fit this profile, your ultimate result should be a significant improvement in your body shape.

Understanding Your Options

This exciting, new, natural fat transfer alternative is now being offered at LJCSC, producing lasting cosmetic results without man-made implants or fillers. This technique also increases the permanency of your results. With traditional fat transfer techniques, the “take” (permanency of transferred fat) was 30%. With PureGraft™, the take is 60%. To “take,” the fat must develop its own blood supply in the new area being treated (the area where the fat is added).

PureGraft™is the only FDA-approved fat-washing system. The PureGraft™ system cleans (washes) your fat of blood, unnecessary fluid, and toxic free lipids. Using this process prior to transfer doubles the take of the fat transfer to 60% as compared to traditional methods that do not purify the fat.

Following the PureGraft™ fat transfer, your treated area feels completely normal. There should be no firmness or lumpiness, and there is obviously no suggestion of an implant. Your own tissue has been redistributed virtually and permanently. Your donor site is smaller and more ideally contoured.