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  • Jul 02, 2015 • Dr. John D. Smoot

    I was very happy with my results and have told many friends if their considering cosmetic surgery to to get in touch with Dr. Smoot and his wonderful staff.

  • Jun 05, 2015 • Dr. Ervin Wheeler

    I highly recommend Dr Wheeler. All the staff and nurses were wonderful !I will come back next year for my breasts. Thanks

  • May 21, 2015 • Dr. Ervin Wheeler

    Dr. Wheeler was wonderful. He, Jan and th nurse made sure that all my questions were answered.

Body Lift After Weight Loss

You may be a candidate in San Diego for a body lift if you have excess body skin (frequently due to significant weight loss or post gastric bypass surgery). The intended result of a body lift is a smoother, flatter abdomen and buttock tightening, diminishing of thigh cellulite and removal of back rolls or excess back skin.

The Body Lift Procedure

Body Lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia either within the hospital or in an outpatient surgery center. Although the surgical sequence varies depending on the needs of each patient, we will usually treat the belly first, by removing the excess skin from the belly button down to the pubic area. The abdominal wall muscle, which is deep under the skin and fat of the belly, is then tightened. The fat and skin above the belly button is then stretched down to the pubic area and sutured in place. A new opening is made to allow the belly button to be brought through, to its correct position.

Next, the patient is turned to the side and the excess skin and fat from the side to the mid back is removed. This part of the operation reduces and lifts the outer thighs. As the skin and fat are removed from the back, the back rolls are reduced and the buttocks are lifted.

Recovery from Body Lift

The body lift can be one of the more uncomfortable procedures, and probably requires a substantial amount of recovery time. One to three days care in the hospital or skilled nursing care facility is usually indicated.

Please call La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, San Diego, at (858) 452-1981 for more information on our cosmetic surgery procedures, including body lift plastic surgery in San Diego.

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