Meet Carmen Delgado, LVN

Lead Nurse for Dr. Salazar

After 20 years, it’s safe to say that Carmen provides incredible care. As Lead Nurse, Carmen assists Dr. Salazar with consultations, performs pre-operative care, and helps with post-op visits—in addition to advocating on behalf of patients.

It’s amazing to see the confidence that cosmetic surgery can bring to a person.

One of the most important aspects of Carmen’s role is to help comfort, support, and reassure patients before, during, and after their surgery. And while she’s Dr. Salazar’s right-hand nurse, Carmen loves assisting all of our rockstar surgeons as needed.

In addition to helping LJCSC patients look and feel wonderful, Carmen has volunteered with Interface for 25 years to visit Mexico and work alongside surgeons performing reconstructive procedures on children with congenital deformities—and she loves how rewarding it is to see the impact this work can make on the families.

When she’s not at work or helping save lives, Carmen can be found having fun with her three grandchildren or working on home projects, though she’d love to spend more time traveling the world.