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"Being at the front desk, I get to watch each patient's journey from the very beginning, and it is so much fun to see how excited they are at the end of their visits after their surgeries."

At the front desk, Champagne checks in all patients who are visiting the office and maintains the beautiful living area. She is currently training to take on more responsibility with assisting patients who are interested in making appointments for both the Surgery Centre & Medical Spa.

Champagne is new to the cosmetic surgery field, joining our team in 2021, but she has experience in patient care for adults with disabilities who have forensic backgrounds. In this previous position, she matched caregivers with patients who needed 24-hour supervision in residential facilities while integrating them into the community. Through this position, she learned that empathy and chemistry strengthen the line of communication when working with patients.  

When she moved to San Diego, she was given a wonderful opportunity to work with a well-known chef and open multiple restaurants as the training manager. She is happy to carry traits from her past experiences to LJC because the practice understands that creating a positive and resonant experience for each patient is the No. 1 priority.  

“I love witnessing the patient’s transformation, both physically and emotionally! Whether it is nerves from their first consult with the surgeon or the morning of their BIG day, I have the pleasure of being their personal hype girl and getting them pumped. It is always a little sad when they come in for their final post-op visit because of the bond that you’ve formed, but the look of relief and happiness on their face makes it worth it! It’s a great feeling to know that the patient’s dreams have become reality.” 


Champagne’s dream job would be a freelance writer for food and travel magazines. She is passionate about experiencing other cultures, and she strongly believes that sharing food is the best way for people to connect. Who wouldn’t love to travel around the world, meet new people, and eat delicious food as a job? 

In her spare time, she loves to take her dog to the beach or on hikes around the area. She has also started to visit a new brewery and coffee shop every Saturday. San Diego is filled with micro-breweries and family-owned coffee shops, and she loves discovering new spots while supporting local businesses.  

If she had a month to herself, Champagne would be in Europe, exploring all the hidden gems. She always finds it fun to visit the underrated towns that are filled with culture and history. 

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