Gridaly, MA, Medical Assistant


"What I love the most about my job is seeing the end result of what a patient always dreamed of! I love seeing their confidence grow and their smile get bigger! It makes everything worth it!"

Gridaly is always alongside providers, assisting and walking visitors through their dream procedures. Gridaly is also there to make sure you are 100% comfortable and on board with your game plan.

Gridaly is a 2020 high school graduate who jumped straight into a medical institute to get a certification for medical assisting. After graduating from that program in 2021 and completing a student externship, Gridaly joined the team here at LJC.  

“This is everything I have dreamed of and the perfect environment for me! My knowledge is expanding every day!”


If Gridaly wasn’t a medical assistant, she would “definitely be at home bored every day.” When she is not at work, she is most likely home spending time with the people she loves most.  

“If I had a month totally to myself, I would go on a vacation with my significant other to visit my family in Mexico, who I haven’t seen in years!”