Maritxu, Medical Assistant


"The productive environment, complementary personalities, growth in the field, learning opportunities, autonomy and kindness of everyone from doctors to patients and all the support staff makes LJC a wonderful extended family."

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Maritxu Basson has been assisting La Jolla Cosmetic surgeons with everything from pre-op to post-op care since early 2022. Her favorite part of being a medical assistant at LJC is speaking with new people everyday, and she enjoys the constant variety in both her position and the plastic surgery industry as a whole.

Maritxu is a veteran when it comes to being a medical assistant. She has been a rockstar in the industry since Russia was the USSR. “I know what you’re thinking…” she said. “‘Wow – that’s impossible! She must be one million years old!’ … Well, you’re not wrong.”

Maritxu is a fantastic help at LJC, as she is always excited to help our surgeons tackle any task, no matter how large. If she weren’t a medical assistant, she’d be tackling even larger things, literally. Her dream career outside of medicine would be working with large animals at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Even though Maritxu spends her days running through LJC’s halls to make surgeons’ days go smoother, she’s still just as active outside of the office. When she’s not at work, you can find Maritxu exploring new trails with her dogs.

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