Natalie, Medical Assistant

Natalie B

"Never give nor take an excuse."

Natalie enriches the halls of our surgery center with her passion for helping every patient’s experience move smoothly. She helps with surgery preparation and scheduling, updates patients’ charts before they head into their life-changing procedures, and assists nurses and doctors in the clinic. 

Her favorite part of her job is working with our amazing doctors and staff. The culture is so warm here that she feels like she’s just hanging out with friends instead of working. She loves working with her coworkers, who have become good friends in bringing our patients’ dreams to reality.

If Natalie weren’t providing optimal care for our patients here at LJC and had a month to dedicate to herself, she’d go on a trip around the world. When she has time away from work, her top priority is spending time with family and friends.

When not at the office, you can find Natalie either taking care of a surgical patient on an outpatient basis or with her kids at soccer practice. 

Natalie has a rich experience in the administrative branch of the nursing and clinical field. Throughout her many years of experience, she has applied her knowledge to provide top-notch care for surgical patients both at home and in medical facilities.

Natalie loves what she does in her career at LJC, so gaining knowledge and growing both professionally and personally is an enjoyable experience for her.

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