Nicole Taylor, MSN, RN, Director of Nursing

Nicole, MSN, RN

"The best part about my job is watching people’s dreams come true and knowing that I was part of that!"

To Nicole, the best part about working at La Jolla Cosmetic is watching patients’ dreams become a reality and knowing she played a valuable role in making it happen. As the Director of Nursing, Nicole leads LJC’s rockstar team of OR techs and nurses.

Nicole has a long history of working in healthcare, and her passion for helping others is nothing new. She started working as a nurse assistant in a nursing home at just 16 years old. She obtained her LVN/LPN licensure with an associate degree in science within three years. After receiving her license, she spent three years working in various long-term care facilities, skilled nursing, acute rehab, and an intensive care unit in a long-term acute care hospital for brain injury patients.

Nicole decided it was time to become an RN while working on a surgical telemetry unit in a hospital in Topeka, KS. After receiving her associate degree in nursing and officially becoming an RN, she became the nursing house supervisor of a long-term acute care hospital. She later landed her dream job working in the Emergency Department before deciding to advance her education to a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s in science and nursing.

Before landing here at LJC, Nicole worked full-time in emergency trauma and medicine and taught nursing school for eight years. At LJC, Nicole ensures all our nurses and OR techs are doing their best work. She is currently finishing up a post-master’s degree as a Nurse Executive. She plans to begin her master’s in business at the top of next year.

If Nicole weren’t living out her dream of being a top-notch nurse and educator, she would open a coffee and pastry shop in the mountains. She would love to watch the snow fall through a picture window while listening to a fireplace crackle. 

Outside of running through the halls of LJC, Nicole is a busy momma. When she’s not at work, she’s driving her four children around to their different extracurricular activities. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of her life, though, and if she had the option to spend a month totally to herself, she’d choose to go back to work.

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