Ally Hurst

Ally Hurst

"There’s no greater ROI than investing in yourself."

As the Medical Spa Practice Director for La Jolla Cosmetic, Ally Hurst oversees the day-to-day operations of our medical spas. In addition, she works closely with our location managers and team leads to ensure every client’s experience exceeds expectations. Ally joined us in 2022 and has been an asset to our team, saying that from day one, our staff has made her feel like part of the family.

Ally’s favorite part of working at LJC is making an impact with the people she loves. Watching her team win and grow professionally and personally makes all of her hard work well worth it.

When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t in her current role, Ally said she’d be hosting her own podcast about women empowerment, leadership, coaching, and growth mindsets. But instead, she uses her knowledge and passion for personal development to make LJC’s medspas the best they can be.

When she’s not at work, you can find Ally at one of two places: playing pickleball with her family or at the dog beach with her puppy, Momo.

Ally firmly believes in the old saying, “you can’t pour into others’ buckets if yours is empty. So if she had one month all to herself, she would use it to prioritize self-care and travel. Of course, she’d also be exercising, reading, listening to podcasts, and relaxing, all on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Before bringing her talents to LJC, Ally was an area manager for the tanning franchise iTan Sun Spray Spa. She started working the front desk and worked her way up. At the end of her six years with them, Ally was an area manager, overseeing five iTan locations and two Med Spa locations. Her time at those Med Spa locations drew her to the aesthetics industry, ultimately leading her to LJC to expand her career and help us grow!

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