Riana, Lead Patient Coordinator, Plastic Surgery


"What appeals to me most about my job is building a connection with patients before, during, and after their procedures."

Riana is one of the first faces you'll see at LJCSC—and she is well-known (and loved!) for her friendly, helpful support.

Ensuring every patient who walks through the door feels safe, comfortable, and well cared for is the top priority of every member of the LJC family. As one of the first faces patients see, Riana has the important role of making you feel all of the above while helping you get to know our practice, giving you all the details about what to expect, and answering any questions you might have.

LJC has a culture that will draw you in the moment you step foot through the door. I walked in a patient and left with a first-class career.


The reason Riana is such a stellar Patient Care Coordinator is that she knows exactly how you feel when you first arrive, during your consultation, and on your day of surgery—she was once a patient at LJC herself. As a patient, Riana was drawn to the amazing care she received at LJC, from the all-star admin staff to talented nurses and aestheticians to wonderful physicians.

When the opportunity to be part of LJC presented itself, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Every day, Riana is privileged to introduce patients to LJC, help them feel comfortable and confident moving forward, and support all of our wonderful providers.

What appeals to me most about my job is building a connection with patients before, during, and after their procedures. Getting to know each one of them and helping them accomplish their dreams is fulfilling.


Get to know Riana outside of the office

Riana earned her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Redlands before going on to be a Union Carpenter in her 20s. She first entered the medical field when she worked for a non-profit mental health and drug rehabilitation facility in San Diego, where she remained for many years. This job helped mold her compassionate nature and helped her realize that serving people is her passion.

When she isn’t helping patients get glam at LJC, you can probably find Riana at her son’s baseball game, crafting with her daughter, or hiking with her dog. If she didn’t spend her days as Lead Patient Care Coordinator, she might spend her time sailing around the world or catching up on hobbies like building furniture or gardening.