Common Breast Lift Question: Can I Avoid Scarring?

sunhat-500It’s a completely understandable concern. While breast lift surgery can help women get an improved silhouette, the thought of post-procedure scars stops many women from pursuing a surgery they’d otherwise want. The good news is you can have a breast lift without extreme scars, and we have methods for minimizing their appearance. Our very own Dr. John D. Smoot is well-known for his advanced scar-reducing techniques.

There are different approaches to breast lift incisions, and we favor techniques that result in less visible scars. Dr. Smoot can place incisions strategically along the natural edges of the areola and from the bottom of the areola to the bottom of the breast. This strategic placement helps the resulting scars blend in with the natural features of the breasts. For more extensive lifts, he may use not only a vertical incision, which leaves a thin scar, but also a horizontal incision in the crease at the bottom of the breast, leaving a scar that can be easily hidden by clothing.

If you’re like many of our breast lift patients, you might be considering getting breast implants as well. Dr. Smoot is highly skilled in the use of the Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, a soft, natural product that resembles your own skin. During surgery, Strattice is attached from the bottom of the pectoral muscle to the chest wall, giving the bottom of the implant a supportive, invisible “hammock” that helps it stay in the right place and helps keep the breast soft for a more natural feel. This enables Dr. Smoot to achieve beautiful, lasting breast augmentation & lift results, even for patients with thin, stretched skin.

If you’re still on the fence about having breast lift because of scarring, weigh the pros of having a more youthful breast contour against the cons of having scars. A breast lift can help clothing fit more attractively and even help bras fit comfortably. Also, remember that breast lift scars are always in the lower part of the breast, below the nipple and areola, and thus easily covered by even the skimpiest bikini top. And with proper care, scars will fade over time.

If you’re thinking about improving your breast shape with a lift and want to understand more about how to reduce scarring, contact us for a personal consultation. At your appointment, Dr. Smoot can explain what’s involved in a breast lift procedure, show you examples of breast lift scars at various stages of healing, and help you decide whether a breast lift is the right option for you.

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