Breast Augmentation

Talking About Breast Augmentation with Dr. Saltz

Your decision to have your breasts augmented is, on one level, a simple one. You want larger breasts.

Your reasons may be numerous or even somewhat vague. It doesn’t matter. The process starts with your emotions. You’ve probably already started talking to your friends and searching the Internet (which may be how you got to our discussion here). Your head may be filled with opinions and conflicting information. None of it makes any difference unless you begin to look at your breasts without the emotion you normally attach to them.

It might surprise you to know that I had my breasts augmented when I was 22 years old…

silicone gel breast implant

Let’s just say that was more than 30 years ago! No, I don’t have the same implants now, but we’ll discuss that later. When I had my surgery, the breast implants were all round, smooth, and filled with silicone. They were placed on top of the chest muscle, either through incisions around the areolas or beneath the breasts. Size was never discussed with me. At that time, plastic surgeons (predominately male) felt they were the best judges of that.

Fortunately, your choices are more numerous now, but the more you look into it, the more confusing it can become. I want to help you sort through the available information so you can make the best possible decision for yourself. First, let me give you some background information.

I’ve been performing breast surgery since 1990.

I have done thousands of breast procedures. In December 2008, as I ended my nineteenth year of practice, I had performed over 2,500 breast surgeries, including more than 1,600 first-time breast augmentations.

Now let’s get back to you.

My goal is to guide you through the important choices surrounding your breast augmentation decision. I have tried to put together an explanation of all the aspects of breast augmentation that I consider part of your decision-making process. I’ve tried to put the information in a logical order from the foundation up.

Every plastic surgeon you talk to will have a different opinion as to what is important and what isn’t. The truth is that no one can guarantee you a perfect result. Know your options, consider them carefully, and make your best decision. Chances are excellent that you will get a good result and be happy you had the procedure.

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