“So much attention to detail. I’m so touched.” – Actual Patient

Thank You CardDear Dr. Roark,

Many thanks!

Thank you to the most awesome clinic crew I have ever had. 3 birth deliveries by Caesarian sections and 1 laparoscopy. I never met my anesthesiologist in any of those operations. My last surgery with you was the first time I actually met face to face the anesthesiologist, nurses, and the wonderful Dr. Roark before, during, and after surgery. So much attention to detail. I’m so touched. Special thanks to Linnea and Janelle for their assistance.

It’s been zero to minus 11 degrees here in Alaska. It’s time for me to visit the warm city of San Diego. I’ll be spending Christmas there.

Thank you all for your awesome work.
– Actual Patient

P.S. I think I’m healed. I’m not feeling any pain or discomfort. I’m still doing the exercise once a day.

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