Get up to $1500 off when you take the Obalon Weight Loss Challenge!

Obalon weight loss challenge


If You Have the Will to Lose the Weight, We Have a Way: The Obalon Balloon System

Are you looking to lose between 15 and 50 pounds? If so, you might be a candidate for the Obalon Balloon System… the first and only swallowable, FDA-approved, non-surgical balloon system for weight loss!

Join the Weight Loss Challenge and Get Up to $1,500 off!* now through March 31st, 2018!

  • 1st $500 Rebate: Taken off your bill at the time of scheduling your Obalon Balloon System with LJCSC
  • 2nd $500 Rebate: Mail-in rebate for qualifying patients who lose 25+ pounds
  • 3rd $500 Rebate: Mail-in rebate for qualifying patients who lost 40+ pounds

What is the Obalon Balloon System? CLICK ME to learn more!

What is the LJCSC Obalon Difference? CLICK ME to find out!

Call us today at (858) 452-2066 to book a free consultation and learn more!

* Obalon Weight Loss Challenge Terms and Conditions


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