The Gummy Bears are Here!

stock-model-blue-bikini-topWe’re excited to offer our breast augmentation patients a new option for their procedures—the Sientra family of breast implants. Yes, these are the gummy bear implants you’ve heard so much about!

This FDA-approved line of implants is made from the new generation of highly cohesive silicone gel that keeps its shape, with a consistency much like that of the popular gummy bear candy. There are several other things that are unique to the Sientra implants:

  • Teardrop anatomical shape. Up until the time that this implant was approved in the U.S., all silicone gel implants were round in shape. There was no choice! The shaped Sientra implant mimics a natural breast, which may be more suitable for patients seeking a very natural appearing result. If you want Sientra implants, but prefer the fullness in the upper breast that round implants provide, don’t worry: the Sientra gummy bear implants are also offered in the traditional round shape.
  • Different base styles. This is another innovation offered by the Sientra gummy bears; the shaped implants are available in three different base styles. These choices mean that you can get a truly customized fit that is in proportion with your body. Patients can choose from a classic base, a round base, or an oval base.
  • Exclusive availability. We’re very pleased that Sientra has stipulated that they be available only to board certified plastic surgeons. This is great news for the patient who chooses the gummy bear implants, because it means her surgery will be performed by a surgeon with highly specialized training.

Are you interested yet? We would love to discuss your options for breast augmentation in greater detail. Because breast augmentation is personal and tailored to each individual, we also continue to offer the Mentor line of breast implants as well, which we have used for years with great success. We have many (many!) happy patients with Mentor implants, but we want to make sure that our patients have plenty of choice for their breast augmentation procedures. Come in for your free consultation today!

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