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Need an at-home skincare treatment? We’ve got just the thing!

Join aesthetician Amy as she shows you how to do an effective and amazing facial that will leave you glowing… and it’s something you can perform at home!

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The Steps:

  • AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: Moisten skin with warm water, lightly scrub with circular motions for 2 min. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dermal Repair Cream + HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator: Make your own hydrating mask! Combine a small scoop of #DermalRepairCream with 2 pumps of #HA5 and mix well. Apply to your entire face and wear it for 10 min. Remove with a damp washcloth.
  • TNS Essential Serum®: Apply to the entire face, neck, and chest to support skin rejuvenation.
  • Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Cream: Apply 1 pump to your entire face to address stubborn skin discoloration.
  • AHA/BHA Cream: Apply a pea-sized amount to the face and gently massage.
  • Dermal Repair Cream: Apply a pea-sized amount all over the face for intense skin hydration.
  • Instant Bright Eye Cream: Apply beneath the eye area ad eyelids to re-energize.
  • Essential Defense Mineral Shield™ Broad Spectrum SPF 32 (Tinted) Sunscreen: Apply to your entire face, neck, and chest to protect against UVA/UVB rays.

The Products:

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