Will Facial Contouring Make You Look Like A Different Person?

576768HMR2“Facial contouring” refers to surgeries that change the shape of part of your face—such as your nose, ears, or chin. Some of these changes can be subtle, while others can be quite dramatic and noticeable. The result depends on your goals, so it is important to find a plastic surgeon that listens to you and is experienced in the procedures you’re considering.

Most San Diego men and women want facial contouring surgery to improve, but not significantly change, their appearance. The goal is have others notice only that you look great—not the enhancements themselves. Your board certified San Diego plastic surgeon has the knowledge to help you achieve the look you desire, without losing the unique characteristics that define your personal appearance.

To help you learn more about the facial contouring, we have described the most common procedures below:

  • Neck Contouring. Loose neck skin and deposits of fat under your chin can leave you wishing for a more sculpted profile. A plastic surgeon can help by tightening the muscles of your neck, removing excess skin, or simply suctioning out the excess fat. In some cases, all three of these may be done. This procedure will give your face a smoother profile and make you look younger. Your friends and family might not even notice the change—they’re likely to attribute your improved appearance to successful dieting or a relaxing vacation.
  • Rhinoplasty. Nose reshaping is a popular facial contouring procedure. Maybe you want to reduce the size of your nose if you feel it’s too big for your face. Maybe the width of your nose doesn’t fit your otherwise delicate features. Maybe you want to straighten the crooked angle of your nose, remove a bump, or reduce a bulbous tip. Regardless of the details, rhinoplasty can help balance and improve your overall appearance without making you look like another person.
  • Chin Augmentation. People who were born with a “weak” or receding chin often wish to have a more prominent chin to help balance their profile. Chin augmentation or enlargement is a facial contouring procedure in which a chin implant is placed over your jaw bone. As a result, your chin will protrude more, giving you a stronger profile. Afterward, you’ll still look like yourself—but others are likely to perceive you as being more confident and self-assured.
  • Ear Pinning. If you’re self-conscious about how far your ears stick out, you may want to consider ear pinning surgery. Often performed on children, this simple outpatient procedure makes your ears lie flat against the sides of your head. Afterwards, the focus of attention will be on your face rather than your ears.
  • Combining Procedures. It’s not uncommon to have two or more procedures done at once, such as rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. Combining procedures can improve the overall effect—and save you money and recovery time (compared to having the procedures done separately).

Regardless of which procedures you have, plastic surgery is science, not science fiction. A plastic surgeon will not give you a new identity, as happens in the movies! You will look younger, refreshed, and alert, but you will not look like a different person. Talk to your San Diego plastic surgeon about your goals and look at their past results to understand what’s possible.

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