Rethinking the role of fat in achieving a sleek, sexy physique

Have you ever looked at your body and wished your proportions were different? Does one part of your body have “too much” while another “doesn’t have enough?” Do you find yourself thinking, “If only I could take fat from here and move it to there?”

As a matter of fact, you can—with the help of the board certified plastic surgeons at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa! It’s called a fat transfer. With this relatively new, advanced procedure, your own fat is removed from one area where you don’t want it, purified, and then replaced in another area where you want to add curves or fullness.

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Benefits of body fat transfer

Along with the obvious plus of “keeping things natural,” fat grafting offers a number of benefits over using implants or manufactured fillers to enhance features:

  • Results can last for many, many years without requiring a touch-up. Transferred fat is living tissue, and when it “takes” in its new location, it continues to function normally for its lifetime.
  • Minimal scars are produced, with no visible scars at the site of injection. The only scars produced during most fat transfer procedures are those needed for liposuction, which are tiny and place in inconspicuous locations, such as the natural folds of your body or where you’ll almost always wear clothing.
  • Results look, feel and move naturally. Implants, and sometimes even fillers, can feel a little different than natural tissue under your skin. Using your own fat avoids this potential issue.

Improved techniques for more beautiful, predictable results

Traditionally, older fat transfer techniques had a “take” rate (permanency of transferred fat) of only around 30%. Our board certified plastic surgeons at LJC recognized this problem and have taken the time to train in newer, more reliable techniques that allow for less tissue trauma during fat removal and safer, more efficient fat purification. As a result, our patients typically experience an increased “take” rate of 60-80%.

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