San Diego Liposuction FAQs

What is involved in liposuction surgery?

Liposuction is done on an outpatient basis. General anesthesia is usually used for safety and comfort. Small suction tubes (cannulas) are inserted through very short incisions placed in inconspicuous locations near the fat deposits, and excess fat is removed.

How long is liposuction recovery?

Most patients are ready to return to work within one week after liposuction, although a little more time is required if your job is physically active or requires lifting. While you will likely feel soreness in the treatment area(s), pain is rarely an issue. As techniques for liposuction have advanced, recovery time has become shorter for most patients.

Depending on where on your body you had liposuction, your surgeon will give you a compression garment to wear for the first few weeks. These garments are thin and fit easily under your everyday clothing. After about 4 weeks, with your surgeon’s OK, you’ll be able to start easing back into your regular exercise routine.

While most patients see a difference shortly after surgery, post-operative swelling will gradually improve over several months, and your results will look optimal in about 3 months or so. If you’re having liposuction in multiple areas or you have a larger amount of fat removed, your recovery may take a little longer.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

Most San Diego liposuction patients are near normal weight and desire long-term contour changes. Improved liposuction techniques now allow larger amounts of fat to be safely removed. Your body mass index (BMI) is an important factor in evaluating whether liposuction is a good solution for you. Ideally, your BMI will be in or near the normal range for your height:

Liposuction can be useful to heavier persons as well in the context of a healthy lifestyle and realistic expectations. Liposuction is not, of itself, a way to lose weight. Liposuction is intended to produce a long-term improvement in the contour and proportion of the treated areas. A more flattering figure or physique, in or out of clothing, is another goal of liposculpture.

How much does liposuction cost in San Diego?

The price of liposuction usually ranges from $6,000-$12,000, depending on the area(s) and the amount of fat you wish to address.

CoolSclupting vs. Liposuction: Is one better than the other?

What a great question! We do offer CoolSculpting at our Laser & Skincare Clinic, and it’s a great non-surgical fat reduction option for certain patients. Like liposuction, CoolSculpting can shrink fatty bulges and help your clothes fit you better. However, it’s not a substitute for liposuction. A few of the key differences:

In short, if you’re basically happy with your proportions, CoolSculpting may be a great option for you to remove stubborn fat without any recovery. If you want to treat multiple areas or have a larger amount of fat to address, liposuction may yield more satisfying results. We’ll help you weigh your options at your consultation.