With miraDry non-surgical sweat & odor reduction in San Diego

Imagine never needing to apply antiperspirant while still feeling (and smelling!) fresh all day long. It’s possible, with miraDry®.

This safe, effective, and totally non-surgical procedure reduces up to 82% of sweat and after just one or two hour-long treatments—and it’s the only cosmetic treatment that can also reduce or eliminate underarm odor as well.

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miraDry is a non-surgical, energy-based treatment that works by delivering specific micro-wave frequencies through the skin. The sweat and odor glands are heated to a safe and controlled temperature that destroys them without harming surrounding tissues.

During your procedure, we mark the treatment area with a special grid, numb the area, and then apply a handheld device which delivers the odor and sweat destroying energy. The effects are nearly immediate, with many patients noticing a dramatic reduction in sweat within hours.

After treatment, you’ll enjoy:

  • Dry, comfortable armpits all day and night long
  • No worries about underarm odor
  • No more deodorant marks (or perma-funk) ruining your favorite clothing
  • More confidence at close-quarter meetings and parties

You’re one step away from ditching your antiperspirant and deodorant for good. Shedule your miraDry consult now!