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Merry and Tight Virtual Ultherapy Event and Demo!

Looking for lifting and tightening (and collagen stimulation!) all in one non-surgical treatment?! You’ve got to see it to #BELIEVE it! Click play below to view!



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The SkinMedica Brighten & Glow #AtHome Facial

Join Amy as she shows you how to do an effective and amazing facial that will leave you glowing… and it’s something you can perform at home! Click here for the video and product links!


Achieving an Ideal Body Shape for You: Secrets & Myths of the Waist to Hip Ratio (video coming soon)

Whether you think the ideal body shape is based on a Botticelli painting or a 1980’s supermodel, most of us aren’t born with perfect body balance. In this live session, Dr. Hector Salazar will spill the tea on how to achieve the curves you want.


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All About Antioxidants with Amy Adams, Licensed Aesthetician

By now, we all know that eating foods rich in antioxidants is important for nourishing our bodies and defending against free radicals. In this #SkincareSaturday session, Amy will spill the tea about the importance of antioxidants to your skin, and why including a product rich in antioxidants is so critical to have in your skincare regimen.


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This NECK, what the Heck?! with Lauren Amico Reed, PA-C, MMS

Lauren spills the tea on non-surgical solutions for your neck (and that pesky area under your chin). You’ll learn about how CoolMini, Kybella, Ultherapy, and ThermiTight, threads, and fillers can all be options to keep your neck in check.


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The Perfect™ Derma Peel Demo with Cameron Vessey, Licensed Aesthetician

Looking for a total skin transformation? Look no further – The Perfect™ Derma Peel is safe and effective for all skin types and provides positively luminous skin. Whether you are dealing with sunspots, acne scars, or a dull, aging complexion, this is one of our favorite solutions. Cameron will apply the peel live and answer all of your questions about addressing pigment problems.


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Facial Rejuvenation Q & A with John Smoot, MD, FACS

Board-certified plastic surgeon and LJC Medical Director, Dr. John Smoot, addresses your questions about facial rejuvenation procedures this informal #QuaranTea with LJC session. Examples of what we’ll be covering: What age is right for a facelift? Is 40 too young to have an eyelid lift? How do I know whether a brow lift is right for me? What about scarring – where are face and neck lift scars placed? Can neck lipo do the same thing as a neck lift? We look forward to YOUR questions in this exciting upcoming session.


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Pre-Treatment Skin Prep 101 with Amy Adams, Licensed Aesthetician

We’re spilling the tea on what you can do NOW at home to prep your skin for any upcoming treatment, be it a laser treatment, Ultherapy, thread lift, or surgical procedure such as a facelift or eyelid lift. Using the right products now will speed healing time and help enhance your results later!


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Get Growing with Hector Salazar, MD, FACS

We’re spilling the tea on hair loss, hair health, and how to get growing again! Dr. Salazar talks about hair loss at different stages of life (after childbirth, at menopause, excess stress, etc.) and address solutions for women and men – from topical treatments and supplements to PRP injections, and grafting for both women and men.


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Need a Lift? Spilling the Tea About Threads with Khanh Nguyen, FNP-C

For a non-surgical lift, Nova Threads (aka. absorbable PDO sutures) can be a wonderful solution. Khanh, one of our  “thread masters”, will give you insights on how and where threads are used, and who is a candidate.


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Cameron Spills the Tea about The new DiamondGlow facial treatment & her favorite products

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa aesthetician Cameron Vessey will dish about DiamondGlow, LJC’s fabulous new facial treatment from SkinMedica. You’ll also get a peek into Cameron’s medicine cabinet and see the products she can’t live without.


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Kara Spills the Tea about miraDry, the hottest treatment in our medspa

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa injector and laser specialist, Kara Pennington, PA-C, MMS talks about something we all have…  underarm sweat and odor. miraDry, one of the most in-demand treatments in our medspa, permanently and safely reduces underarm sweat, odor, and hair in as little as one treatment.


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Dr. Salazar Spills the Tea about Lipo, HD Lipo, and Fat Transfers

LJC plastic surgeon Dr. Hector Salazar will explain the difference between liposuction and HD Lipo (aka. “hi-def lipo” or “high definition liposuction”), and what to do with the fat once it’s removed!


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Lauren Spills the Tea about Choosing a Skilled Injector

Director of Aesthetic Services, national trainer, and master injector, Lauren Amico Reed, PA-C, gives you the inside scoop on choosing a skilled injector, making sure you are in a safe environment, and how she evaluates each patient to achieve their goals.


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Dr. Smoot Spills the Tea about Breast Augmentations

LJC plastic surgeon Dr. John Smoot gives insight on customizing your breast augmentation and how to achieve a natural result.