How do SmartGraft® hair transplants work?

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SmartGraft® is designed to maximize the quantity and quality of hair follicle transplants while minimizing procedure time.

  • Automated technology allows our hair transplant team to gently and quickly extract individual follicular units while also allowing them full control over the process.
  • Immediately after extraction, the follicle is transferred to a protected chamber that keeps it in optimal conditions for survival while it awaits transplantation.
  • Finally, each follicular unit is transplanted individually to fill in thinning or balding areas; this takes time, as we carefully place each follicular unit into specific points to achieve a totally natural hair pattern.

What does the SmartGraft® procedure feel like?

The SmartGraft® procedure takes about 5 hours for the average patient. Before the procedure, we will shave a small area from the back of your head where the hair follicles will be extracted. You do not need to get a buzz cut for the procedure. If you wish to hide these areas, you can grow your hair longer in the weeks before your procedure, or Dr. Salazar can refer you to salons that have experience in haircuts that help to camouflage FUE hair transplants.

Before beginning SmartGraft®, we will inject a local anesthetic into the donor and recipient areas so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. We also can provide a mild sedative to help you relax.

Following the procedure, most patients return to desk work the very next day. Exercise can usually be resumed after about one week.

Enjoy a full, natural head of hair within months

Your newly transplanted hair will grow back naturally in phases. You should notice new hair growth about 3 months after your SmartGraft® procedure, with the most dramatic improvements occurring after about 6 months. Within one year, you will be enjoying normal, healthy hair growth.

The SmartGraft BOOST System, only at LJCSC

At LJCSC, we’re famous for going above and beyond to ensure our patients get the best possible results. When you book your SmartGraft procedure with us, you’ll get the entire SmartGraft BOOST System:

  • SmartGraft FUE hair transplants done by one of San Diego’s most highly trained hair restoration teams
  • Personalized hair growth supplements to give your body what it needs for healthy hair growth
  • Shampoo & products from Hair Restoration Laboratories, clinically proven to support healthy hair growth
SmartGraft FUE hair transplant procedure at LJCSC
The transplant phase of SmartGraft takes the longest, as our technicians carefully place each follicular unit into exactly the right spot.