Smooth away lines & wrinkles

Concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, and mild sagging in the delicate and harder-to-reach areas of your face, such as around the eyes and mouth? Now at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa you can benefit from the same technology used by ThermiTight™ to treat more areas than ever!

ThermiSmooth is a small, handheld applicator that can be used to nonsurgically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and moderately sagging or lax skin on the face.

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How ThermiSmooth Works

Did you know that when you heat collagen—the main structural protein in your skin—to a certain temperature, it shrinks and your body’s natural healing response is triggered? This means that fibroblasts in the area are stimulated to gradually produce new collagen, leading to a firmer, smoother appearance of the skin. ThermiSmooth harnesses your body’s natural ability to heal itself to safely and effectively undo common signs of aging.

Using the proprietary Thermi™ radiofrequency technology, ThermiSmooth delivers very precise amounts of heat energy to the treatment areas without causing discomfort and harming surrounding tissues. This energy goes through the skin (transcutaneously) and directly targets the fibroblasts located in deeper skin layers, making this treatment a truly nonsurgical anti-aging option. ThermiSmooth may be used alone or in conjunction with ThermiTight and other treatments.

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Your ThermiSmooth Treatment

During your treatment, we will apply a small amount of coupling gel before the ThermiSmooth applicator is placed against your skin’s surface. To ensure your safety and comfort, the system is set to a very specific temperature and monitored throughout treatment. We will gently move the hand piece in a circular or sweeping motion along the treatment area as the skin is gradually heated. Once your skin’s temperature matches the target temperature, the energy output is automatically adjusted to ensure precise, controlled heating. Each area or “zone” is treated for around 5 minutes to sustain heating and ensure the desired results are achieved.

Interested in Learning More About ThermiSmooth?

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