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Here at LJCSC, we’re always looking for ways to maximize results and minimize healing time.

We’re doing an internal research study to see if nanofat (your own fat and its inherent healing properties) decreases ellacor healing time.

Are you interested in being a participant? Read on for details…

About ellacor®:

  • ellacor is the first and only FDA-cleared procedure to non-surgically remove excess skin
  • ellacor uses hollow needles to remove micro-cores of skin, resulting in an improved appearance of moderate and severe wrinkles without the evidence of scarring
  • It’s a non-surgical solution for mid-to-lower face wrinkles and excess skin (areas traditionally difficult to treat)

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Women and men ages 35 – 65
  • Fitzpatrick scale: I, II, III (scroll down to check your skin type)
  • No history of keloid scarring or skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne
  • Not taking blood thinners or any other supplements or medications that may interfere with healing

The Procedure Commitment:

  • We’ll be treating the area around the mouth (peri-oral) and marionette lines
  • It’s a split-face study: one side of the face will use nanofat for healing and the other side will use our current after-care protocol
  • The full procedure cost, procedure room, anesthesia, post-procedure kits, and all visits will be at no charge to you ($5,800 value)
  • We do ask for a small deposit of $250 that will be refunded after all post-procedure commitments are fulfilled
  • You must be willing to sign a full photo release and come in to our office for daily progress photos (days 0-5, and day 30) and other follow-ups as may be needed
  • You will be entitled to discounts on subsequent ellacor treatments at 30% off

Determining Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type:

Fitzpatrick Type & Characteristics*

  • I always burns, never tans (palest; freckles)
  • II usually burns, tans minimally (light colored but darker than fair)
  • III sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly (golden honey or olive)
  • IV burns minimally, always tans well (moderate brown)
  • V very rarely burns, tans very easily (dark brown)
  • VI never burns (deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown)
The Fitzpatrick scale and the risk of skin cancer; 
John D’Orazio, Stuart Jarrett, Alexandra Amaro-Ortiz and Timothy Scott - John D’Orazio et al. "UV Radiation and the Skin" Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14(6), 12222-12248; doi:10.3390/ijms140612222

* Source: Wikipedia

Participating Surgeons

Johan Brahme, MD, Hector Salazar, MD, FACS, Kiersten Riedler, MD, Diana Breister, MD

Praise for ellacor:

  • 90% of patients showed improvement in moderate to severe wrinkles¹
  • 86% overall patient satisfaction¹
  • ellacor was recognized in 2023 by New Beauty in the Innovation category for Best Nonsurgical Skin-Removal Procedure
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¹ Pivotal Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Micro-Coring Device Treating Moderate to Severe Facial Wrinkles. NCT 03573271; submitted for publication. 51 subjects completed the pivotal study; subjects were treated 2-3 times with 7%-8% skin removal and up to 5mm needle coring depth. Each patient heals differently; mild to moderate side effects may still be present up to 30 days post-treatment per physician assessment. All clinical data, including patient healing, treatment pain on the 0-10 Wong-Baker Scale, Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale scores, and Subject Satisfaction is on file with Cytrellis.

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