Zimmer ZWave in San Diego

What if you could enhance your CoolSculpting or ThermiTight experience with just one extra step? Now you can, with the Zimmer ZWave. Available at our San Diego medical spa, the Zimmer ZWave is a revolutionary treatment that uses high-energy radial pulse therapy (RPT) to stimulate collagen formation, helping the skin to become firmer and smoother after other treatments.

Boost Your CoolSculpting® and Thermi™ Results

Zimmer ZWave is particularly effective immediately following CoolSculpting fat reduction or ThermiTight skin tightening treatments. Not only does it further promote cellulite reduction, it also reduces swelling and improves recovery time. RPT is scientifically proven to improve connective tissue under the skin and increase blood circulation, complementing both your healing and your results.

For CoolSculpting specifically, we are able to use the Zimmer ZWave to perform a more uniform and concise massage of the treated tissue than we can achieve with traditional post-treatment hand massage. This has been shown through controlled studies to increase the percentage of fat absorption by almost double.

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How Does Zimmer ZWave Work?

Zimmer ZWave harnesses the power of Radial Pulse Therapy to blast away cellulite. RPT is a ballistic radical pulse system that uses an electromagnetic generator as the projectile accelerator. What does this mean? The device breaks down the fibrous connective tissue that makes cellulite so difficult to treat by creating tiny breaks in the grid of molecules under the skin. This causes the gas bubbles around the fat to collapse and significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite. It’s a completely noninvasive treatment with no pain and zero downtime.

If you’re considering CoolSculpting or ThermiTight, or have just had either treatment, now is a great time to think about maximizing your results with the Zimmer ZWave. At LJC, ZWave is complimentary for every CoolSculpting patient so our patients get the best results possible.

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