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Join our 2018 breast augmentation celebration! Silicone breast augs start at just $6,995 & saline starts at just $6,180

From saline to silicone in every shape and size… we’ve got the perfect implant to help you rock your look. We’ve lowered our prices in 2018 to celebrate our 30th Anniversary of helping San Diegans add curves and confidence! Silicone starts at just $6,995 and saline starts at just $6,180.

Implants…the scoop

Implant technology has moved way beyond the “saline vs. silicone” debate. Now we can talk about shapes, sizes, projections, fills, to name a few. And what might be a perfect choice for your BFF might not be the right option for you.

Click here to learn all about how to #gogummy with cohesive gel “gummy bear” implants and who may be a better candidate for saline.

Curves Connection… an LJCSC exclusive.

The Curves Connection® is our unique implant sizing program. It has been invaluable in helping women just like you decide on the perfect size. Learn more about it here.

Read reviews from real LJCSC breast augmentation patients

Read verified patient reviews to see what our augmentation patients are saying. click here for the latest.

Our current rating, 95.8% (or 4.79 out of 5 stars), puts us ahead of the national average of 95%. Those who’ve had breast augmentation talk about the positive changes in their life– including:

  • increased self-confidence
  • more pleasure in relationships
  • the freedom to wear clothing they had previously avoided

Experienced and trained surgeons

We’ve been doing breast augmentation surgery for nearly three decades and we have thousands of happy patients. To learn more about why LJCSC is the best place to have your breast aug surgery, and to meet our amazing team of board certified plastic surgeons, click here.

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