Restylane_SILK_1Color_RGB_PortraitWhether you’re grinning at an old friend or sharing a first kiss, everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident with their lips. But for those who have noticed loss of definition, lip thinning, or the appearance of fine lines around the mouth over the years, smiling with confidence can be difficult.

If that sounds familiar, you’re in luck! Here at LJCSC, we have a safe and natural-looking option for subtle lip enhancement. Restylane Silk is an injectable solution specifically designed to improve lip definition and shape and address signs of aging around the mouth.

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Safe, beautiful, natural

Restylane Silk is a gentle hyaluronic acid filler, and it’s the first FDA-approved product designed to specifically provide subtle lip enhancement and smooth lines around the mouth. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that naturally occurs in your skin to provide moisture, support, and elasticity, making it a wonderful option for subtly adding volume and definition to the lips.

What makes Restylane Silk different from other facial fillers is the smaller, smoother particles. Essentially, this means it is gentle enough to use in and around the lips to provide a smooth, natural-looking result. Because lips are particularly sensitive to synthetic products, it’s important to use an injectable filler that will provide beautiful results safely—and it’s crucial to work with a provider who uses appropriate products and can make personalized recommendations.

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