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Laser Hair Removal in San Diego & Carlsbad

Unwanted facial or body hair can be a real pain, and getting rid of it can hurt even worse (if you’ve ever had a bikini wax or tried “manscaping,” you know what we mean). It’s no wonder San Diego men and women choose laser hair removal at our La Jolla and Carlsbad med spas to put an end to perpetual shaving, painful waxing, and smelly bleaches.

Laser treatments can also eliminate common shaving and waxing problems, such as ingrown hairs and irritation. Free from the hassle of unwanted hair, you can finally wear a bikini without hours of “prep” time, go sleeveless or shirtless confidently, and never endure the discomfort of waxing again.

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Will Laser Hair Removal Work for Me?

As long as your hair is darker than your skin, you are a candidate for laser hair removal! We offer 3 different laser hair removal platforms at our office, enabling us to treat all different skin types safely and effectively. The higher the contrast between your skin and hair color (if your skin is very light and your hair is very dark), the better. Also, you’ll need to avoid tanning prior to treatment.

What Areas Can I Treat With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can help you get rid of unwanted hair almost anywhere, but the most common areas we treat at our medical spa include the:

  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Underarms
  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen

LJC’s experienced laser specialists personalize the laser type and treatment plan to address your unique skin type and concerns, so you can trust that you are getting a safe treatment that yields the results you want.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During the treatment, a single-color light wave is focused on the treatment area. This light targets the melanin pigment of the hair shaft and the heat disables the hair follicle.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

Most people describe treatment feeling like a small rubber band snap. In larger areas, such as the back, legs, and arms, treatments are sometimes barely felt. For smaller or more sensitive areas, anesthetic options including topical numbing cream and streams of cold air are available.

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Enjoy Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal With PRO-NOX™

You deserve a comfortable experience, so we now offer PRO-NOX as an add-on during laser treatments and other medical spa services.

What Is PRO-NOX?

PRO-NOX is a self-administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) system that allows you to be in full control of your comfort. If at any point you feel you need something to take the edge off, simply breathe through the PRO-NOX mouthpiece for instant relief from pain and anxiety.

Unlike oral pain medication, PRO-NOX takes effect in seconds but wears off minutes after your treatment, leaving no trace of the chemical in your body. You can safely drive and return to your normal routine without worrying about side effects.

Ask us about adding PRO-NOX to your treatment at your consultation!

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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Laser treatments can only treat hair that is in the active growth phase. You’ll need a series of treatments to hit every growth cycle and remove all the hair in the desired area. After each treatment, the hair that grows back becomes decidedly softer and lighter in color until it has virtually disappeared. On average, 5 to 7 treatments is enough.

After completing a series, most people switch to a maintenance schedule with treatments 1 or 2 times a year. Keep in mind that hormones, certain medications, and hair growth supplements can affect hair growth levels throughout life.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Recovery Like?

Immediately after treatment, the treated area may appear pink and feel like a mild sunburn. You may also notice a little swelling around each hair follicle. These typically resolve within 24 hours or less. You’ll need to avoid excessive amounts of heat and refrain from high-impact exercise until the next day and cover the area with a minimum SPF 30 before any sun exposure.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in San Diego?

At our La Jolla and Carlsbad med spas, the cost of laser hair removal is typically $100 to $3,000. Your cost may vary depending on the size and number of treatment areas. Get all the info you need about costs on our pricing page.

Procedure Fee Range
Laser Hair Removal $100–$3,000

LJC is happy to accept payments through several affordable financing plans. Learn more on our financing page.

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