Imagine never, ever needing to apply antiperspirant again…

It’s possible with miraDry® at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa! This FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment uses proprietary mirawave energy to safely and effectively disable sweat glands under the arms. Just one to two treatments can reduce sweat by up to 82% with near-immediate results. Not only that, but miraDry is the only cosmetic treatment that can effectively reduce or eliminate odor as well.

Why consider miraDry?

Silver miraDry ProviderDealing with underarm sweat and odor is a part of being human. Unfortunately, the status quo tools we have to keep things fresh and dry fall a little short. Antiperspirant products cost money and often contain chemicals we’re not thrilled to put on our skin. They can leave marks on our favorite clothes and cake up into ugly little beads—and all too often, they just don’t work all day!

With miraDry, these hygienic woes can be out of your life. Unlike daily antiperspirants or even BOTOX injections, which offer temporary sweat reduction, miraDry destroys sweat glands under the arms, so they no longer produce sweat, ever. It’s easy to see the benefits:

  • Dry, comfortable armpits all day and night long
  • No worries about underarm odor
  • No more deodorant marks (or perma-funk) ruining your favorite clothing
  • You’ll feel a lot more confident at close-quarter meetings and parties
  • Enjoy a dramatic reduction in underarm hair as a bonus!
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miraDry can also help reduce unwanted hair under your arms!

The energy in miraDry also affects hair follicles. In fact, one treatment can help reduce underarm hair by up to 70% within a year—a pretty nice side effect!

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