Give your skin a fresh start

Do you sometimes wish you could have a “do over” when it comes to your skin? While that’s not exactly possible, a chemical peel comes pretty close.

Chemical peels work by removing the top layers of skin (the dull, damaged, and generally “blah” layers) to reveal the healthier, smoother and better looking skin underneath.

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Experience Matters When it Comes to Skin Care

At LJC, chemical peels are performed by our talented team of Laser & Skincare Specialists. With extensive knowledge in skin wellness and medical-grade skincare products, or aesthetic team has a knack for finding just the right combination of treatments to get great results, whatever your unique concerns, skin type and budget.

Help Me Find a Peel!

A little overwhelmed by your options? Check out our nifty guide to our chemical peels & facials at LJC! It’ll help you see what peels are particularly well-suited for your skin.

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As you can see, you have a lot of options to renew your skin with a chemical peel. The best treatment for you depends on what you would most like to address, as well as the degree of damage you need to repair.

Our experienced aesthetic team will tell you everything you need to know at your free skincare consultation. Give us a call today!