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Oct 13, 2017
Dr Roark and staff are wonderful! I have also done cool sculpting with Lauren and*
Apr 7, 2017
Very professional, I had breast augmentation & coolscup Youthful & natural breast implants*
Mar 22, 2016
Very professional, caring staff. Top of the line equipment.*
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San Diego CoolMini™

No Double Chin, No Surgery, No Kidding!

Studies show that many men and women are bothered by fat under the chin. Even those who are naturally slim may fall victim to a double chin, thanks to factors such as lifestyle, aging, and genetics.

If your double chin is making you feel self-conscious, you’re definitely not alone—and now you have more options than ever. La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa offers CoolMini, a popular and effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment from the makers of CoolSculpting®.  We use this small applicator to reduce troublesome fat under the chin, without surgery and little to no downtime.

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Our Promises To You

How It Works

Using the same proprietary cryolipolysis technology as CoolSculpting, CoolMini works by cooling fat cells to the specific temperature where they crystallize and break down. Over time, your body will naturally eliminate the affected fat cells, leaving you with noticeably less fullness under your chin within a couple of months.

Traditionally, pockets of fat under the chin required more invasive procedures, such as neck liposuction, to achieve successful results. CoolMini is the first and only treatment of its kind that is FDA-cleared to treat submental fullness using cryolipolysis.

Your CoolMini Treatment

After consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or licensed aesthetician , you’ll settle into a soft chair in our welcoming treatment room. The CoolMini device will then be gently and precisely applied to your problem area. Treatment typically lasts about an hour, and while you may feel some pressure and intense cold initially, treatment should be relatively comfortable. After that, you’re good to go! You can resume normal activity right away and begin enjoying the benefits.

Most of our patients are pleased with their results after just one to two treatments, making CoolMini a great option for those who want great results without a huge time commitment.

What Other Areas Can CoolMini Treat?

CoolMini is specially designed to treat small volume areas of fat, and the size, shape, and curve of the device is a perfect fit for many smaller problem areas. Here’s what it can do:

  • Help you ditch your double chin
  • Virtually eliminate “armpit fat”
  • Smooth out bulges above the knee

Your Safety Is
Our #1 Priority

Since 1988, more than 36,000 patients have had safe, successful procedures at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolMini?

Because CoolMini is a non-invasive treatment, anyone concerned with small areas of fat in hard-to-reach places can see great results with treatment. Ask yourself these questions to find out if CoolMini is the right option for you:

  • Am I frustrated with small pockets of fat around my chin, armpits, or knees?
  • Do I avoid wearing certain clothing because of these bulges?
  • Why isn’t my diet and exercise routine getting rid of this fat around my neck?
  • What if I could get rid of this fat for good without a lengthy recovery or large bill?

The best way to find out if CoolMini is a good option for you is to speak with a professional.

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