Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies by Dr. Merrel Olesen and Marie Olesen

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cosmetic surgery for dummies

All of us at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre are delighted to share the news that our Founder and Medical Director Emeritus, R. Merrel Olesen, MD and his wife Marie have written Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies—one of the series of “For Dummies” books by Wiley Publishing.

In a consumer-friendly style, Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies helps potential patients like you define a shopping process and narrow your choices so that you choose the best doctor for yourself and for the procedure you are considering. Making a decision about cosmetic surgery can be a daunting one so the Olesens include tips to help you decide whether to have cosmetic surgery at all and how to be sure that the surgery will be performed in a safe setting. The book includes many stories of actual La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre patients in San Diego.

Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies contains direct and intelligent information about the various cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments available today. The range of operations and the reasons for choosing one over the other are all explained in detail. While surgical results are very important, the Olesens urge prospective patients to also look for the signs of warmth and caring in your doctor and his staff that make for a great patient experience.

Writing this book involved many of the LJC staff. Doctors Lori Saltz and Johan Brahme contributed significantly to the information about plastic surgery.

Dr. Olesen founded La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, California in 1988 after spending 8 years as Head, Division of Plastic Surgery, Scripps Clinic. He wrote informed consent and patient education materials that are now used worldwide by almost 1200 cosmetic plastic surgeons and have been translated into five languages. Marie Olesen assembled the patient materials from LJC into a computerized program that she uses to teach plastic surgery practices how to better communicate with their patients. Her expertise about the care and pampering of cosmetic surgery patients is reflected in the book.

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