Plastic Surgery Financing Options for Making Your Dream Real

Get Low Monthly Payments for Plastic Surgery Procedures! 

Whether you’ve stashed the cash for your procedure or need some help, our plastic surgery financing options are the stress and guilt-free path toward achieving the dream look you’ve always wanted! With nearly 1 out of 3 patients choosing to finance their procedures, it’s clear our patients LOVE the flexibility of low monthly payments.  

Step 1: Estimate Your Monthly Payment 

Wondering what kind of monthly payment options are available? While the programs and promotions from our lending partners are continually evolving, our calculator can provide you with a glimpse of the possibilities. 

Payment Calculator
Monthly Payments

Payment is an estimate based on available data. For a payment quote, complete a full application with one of the preferred lenders linked below.

Not sure about your loan amount? Click here for our plastic surgery prices. If your desired procedure is listed with a price range, or if you’re hoping to combine multiple procedures, request a free consultation for a custom quote. 

Step 2: Get Ready to Apply 

Financing a plastic surgery procedure is more like opening a credit card than buying a house. Today, you can apply for financing online in just a few minutes. To make the process as quick and effortless as possible, follow these tips: 

  • Ensure your credit is in the best shape possible and remove any credit freezes from your credit profile. 
  • Does your credit have blemishes? Consider a co-signer or someone applying on your behalf.  
  • Have a valid US government-issued ID ready. 
  • Calculate your annual combined household gross income (spouse, parents, or anyone who contributes to your household expenses). 

If you need any assistance, our Patient Finance Specialist Kim is available at 858-228-4538 to provide expert support. 

Step 3: Apply Online in Minutes 

Applying for plastic surgery financing online is stress-free and easy-breezy! Our patients have the best success rate with our preferred financing partners. You can apply online using any device without worrying about your credit score being negatively impacted.  

Our Preferred Patient Financing Partners

PAYMENT PLAN PROMOTION! PatientFi is offering promotional financing for eligible Allergan Aesthetics products such as Natrelle Breast Implants with reduced interest rates.

We also collaborate with other lenders such as Care Credit and Alphaeon.  

Plastic Surgery Financing FAQ 

Can I finance any plastic surgery procedure? 

Absolutely! Our financing options are available for any La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre procedure you choose.

What are the interest rates for plastic surgery financing?  

Many of our patients qualify for NO INTEREST payment options. For those who prefer a lower monthly payment, an extended fixed-interest plan over 36 to 60 months may be a great solution. Depending on your credit score, fixed interest rates usually range from 7.24% to 29.99%.

What is the maximum amount of financing available for plastic surgery?  

Our current programs allow qualified patients to borrow up to $40,000 for plastic surgery procedures. 

Are there any hidden fees associated with procedure financing? 

There are no hidden fees when you finance your plastic surgery procedure. Our lending partners are legally required to disclose all fees associated with your loan, and—because only the best will do for you—we’ve selected lenders with transparent lending terms and outstanding customer service.

Is there a penalty for paying off my plastic surgery financing early? 

Our preferred partners do not charge a fee or penalty for paying off your loan ahead of schedule.

What credit score do I need to qualify for plastic surgery financing?  

Today’s procedure financing programs consider more than just your credit score. Even patients with previous credit issues may be eligible for a convenient payment plan.

What if I get declined? 

Don’t sweat it. Our patient finance specialist will work with you to explore additional options to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. We have helped hundreds of patients get creative with their payment strategy to make their cosmetic dreams a reality!  

Still Have More Questions?

Don’t be shy! Our goal is to take the stress out of plastic surgery financing. We’re available to (helpfully and discreetly) address all your plastic surgery financing questions and concerns. Reach out to us online any time or call us at (858) 452-1981.

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