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Union Tribune Readers Poll - San Diego's Best 20X Winner My Face My Body 2020 Awards Winner

Computer Imaging at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Would you like to see “before and after” images of yourself before surgery? “Imaging” is a great computer tool that makes it possible. Your image is captured electronically and then processed in state-of-the-art medical imaging software. It gives you the ability to look at yourself on a computer screen and “see” your possible surgical outcome.

The doctor or our medical photographer can show you on screen what they think can be achieved surgically for you. With this technology, you can see both with a front view and a side view the changes that are possible. With the help of this visual aid, you will be able to have a more in-depth conversation about what is feasible for you. Your “imaging” time is the perfect opportunity for you to fully communicate your desires and ideas about the look you are hoping to achieve.

Imaging software works best for facial procedures. So for those of you who are considering a rhinoplasty or chin augmentation, this is an especially helpful tool for you. It gives you the ability to get a glimpse of your surgical possibilities. It also gives you the ability to understand visually what is realistic in terms of a result for you.

Preoperative “imaging” is not a guarantee of outcome. But it is a very good tool—a tried and true one for us and our patients. We have used “imaging” software in our practice for over twelve years with great success.

Breast augmentation patients are able to view their outcome in a similar, but slightly different way. We have a “sizing” program where you will try on different size breast implants. Once you select the implant size you like best, we will take pictures and give you a copy of your “before and after” photos. You will be able to see side-by-side your bust as it is and your bust as it could be. These photos can also be put on a private web site so that you friends or family can also see them.

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