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Is a Body Lift After Weight Loss Covered by Insurance? Plus 5 Other Questions You Have About Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

Losing a significant amount of weight is a huge feat that deserves to be celebrated—congratulations on all of your hard work! While we’re sure you’re enjoying your success, it’s normal to feel a bit defeated if excess skin is keeping you from feeling confident at your new weight. It’s common to experience areas of heavy, …

Considering Traveling Abroad for Cosmetic Surgery? Your Medical Tourism Souvenir May Be Serious Complications

In a world full of extreme couponing and closeout sales, many people expect to save in all areas of life, including cosmetic surgery. In recent years, patients have traveled to find deals on breast implants, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts—but it’s important to understand the dangers of medical tourism before purchasing a plane ticket. …