Kristlyn, Surgical Technician & Lead Sterile Processing Department


"I love coming to work each day knowing I get to work with an amazing team."

Kristlyn splits her time between the OR as a scrub tech assisting surgeons and the SPD, where she ensures everything is sterile and ready for your procedure.

When Kristlyn heard from a friend and previous LJC employee that the Centre was hiring, she knew she’d love being part of the team in such a fast-paced, friendly environment—and she was right!

LJC has given me the opportunity to grow and utilize my skills in a professional environment.

In her role as a surgical technologist, Kristlyn uses her experience and expertise to assist your surgeon throughout your procedure. Scrub techs are required not only to ensure the OR is a sterile environment, they also have the important job of understanding a variety of procedures so that they can premeditate what instruments or assistance your surgeon will need throughout surgery.

When she’s not in the OR, Kristlyn is the Lead of the Sterile Processing Department, where our surgical instruments and devices go through a cleaning and sterilization process. The SPD is incredibly important, as it helps keep you safe and reduces the risk of complications during your procedure—and we are incredibly appreciative of Kristlyn’s efforts to keep our patients safe and healthy.

After the work week is done, you can find Kristlyn spending time with her son, seeking out puppies to pet, or working out. Health and fitness are a big part of her daily routine—though she does cook a mean lasagna!

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