Bikini Blues? Thinking About Breast Augmentation?

Lori Saltz, MD, Medical Director

Hopefully the rain is over and the sun is out. Are you casting your glances toward the beaches? The stores are stocked with newest swimwear. So you’ve checked it out. The problem is the same every year. There’s no way to disguise that gap up top. You just can’t pull it off one more summer.

We have the answer! You have more choices, greater safety and affordable, too. You were waiting to see what the scientific studies revealed about the safety of silicone. It’s no surprise to us that silcone does not cause auto immune disorders and is safe for use in breast augmentation surgery. Most of our patients prefer the feel of the silicone implants but the good news we still have saline if you want.  We’ll help you sort out which choice may be best for you.


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Beautiful woman with long brown hair, hands holding hair back, at the beach.

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