What does breast augmentation cost? Four facts about pricing you need to know.

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If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation, the question of cost will come up sooner or later (probably sooner, if you’re like most patients). It’s a pretty crucial bit of info when planning your procedure. Here’s the low-down.

Fact 1: You can get price ranges online, but you’ll need a consultation for an exact fee quote.

Just like every body is unique, every breast augmentation procedure is unique too. Depending on your breast implant choice and the surgical time and techniques needed to get a great result given your anatomy, your augmentation may cost a little more—or a little less—than the average. In fact, if a practice offers a set breast augmentation price for EVERYONE, it should raise alarm bells in your mind. We believe your procedure should be tailored to fit your body.

That’s why, even though we are up-front about pricing at LJC, we only provide price ranges online. You’ll get a complete fee quote only after one of our board certified plastic surgeons sees you in person. They need to understand your goals and look at your anatomy to nail down the right surgical plan and implant details.

The cost of breast augmentation at LJC is typically $8,300 to $8,800. You’ll get a personalized, itemized fee quote at the end of your free consultation that’s good for several months. This gives you time to think about it, plan your budget, or even visit with other surgeons if you wish. See what’s included in your breast augmentation fee at LJC and get detailed breast augmentation price ranges here.

Procedure Fee Range
Breast Augmentation $8,300–$8,800

Fact 2: Sound expensive? So are problems and bad results, so never, ever settle for a cut-rate surgeon.

Experienced, board certified plastic surgeons at a practice with a great reputation for achieving beautiful results charge what they do because they’ve undergone years of training. In addition, they operate in accredited facilities with top-quality support staff, and they take every appropriate measure to make sure your procedure is safe, successful, and gets lasting results.

You should always ask about a potential surgeon’s experience, board certification, and operating facility accreditation, but you should independently confirm all these things if the surgeon gives you an abnormally low quote. Unfortunately, there are doctors who will operate in their office or other cut-rate facility to cut down on costs, even though doing so could jeopardize your safety.

Choosing an inexperienced surgeon is also more likely to result in a poor outcome, which may require another procedure with a highly qualified surgeon to correct your results—canceling out any cost savings. (Revision breast surgery is often quite a bit more expensive than a first augmentation.)

Fact 3: Almost anyone who wants breast augmentation can afford it with the right financing plan

Though you’ll pay out of pocket for breast augmentation, you don’t have to pay all at once. Most practices offer financing, typically via healthcare credit cards (i.e., CareCredit), allowing you to have your procedure when you’re ready and pay in monthly installments over time. Our patients find these financing options extremely easy to apply for and use. Many patients even qualify for interest-free terms, so it’s worth asking about at your plastic surgeon consultations.

Fact 4: It’s an investment in you.

There’s no denying that breast augmentation takes some financial commitment, but it’s an investment in you. Loving how you look offers a real boon to your self-confidence—and feeling great in your own skin? That’s pretty much priceless.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, we want to help you learn as much as possible about your options, so you can make the right decision for yourself. Our board certified plastic surgeons offer free cosmetic surgery consultations. Simply contact us now to get started.