How to follow Kate and William’s royal wedding online

William and Kate royal wedding viewing guideNeed a crash course on the Royal Wedding? So did we! Here is everything you need to be ready for tomorrow.

Kate and William’s royal wedding takes place at 3:00 AM PST on Friday, April 29th, in Westminster Abbey in London. Guests will begin arriving 45 minutes beforehand and live coverage on major networks should begin at 1:00 AM our time (US West Coast).

Staying up late or watching it after the fact? Here are the links you need to make the most of your royal wedding watching.

What to do tonight, pre-wedding:

  1. Get caught up on the basics of the wedding from a British website.
    1. The Guardian’s excellent pre-wedding coverage.
    2. The BBC’s brief history of British Royal family weddings.
  2. Find a place to watch that will have TV and Internet access. This event will be great to watch with a laptop open so you can search for more detail as the wedding unfolds.

Where to watch the video online:

  1. Live coverage on Youtube begins at 2:00 AM PST. Youtube is the official Royal broadcast channel for the event.
  2. AP Live, CBS News, ET The, and the UK Press Association all have live coverage starting at 2:00 AM PST.
  3. Hulu. Live coverage from ABC will be on Hulu.

Where to watch the commentary online (BBC and Twitter):

  1. The BBC is running a live blog of the wedding starting at 2:30 AM.
  2. Royal wedding twitter search. You have to try this! Go to and search for the “official” hashtag for the wedding: #rw2011. You can also join the chorus by tweeting your own messages about the wedding using that hashtag. Hit refresh if your browser isn’t updating fast enough.

Who else to follow on Twitter?

  1., a BBC reporter with good royal relationships.
  2., a CNN reporter with royal friends.
  3., Prince William’s Twitter.

The official websites:

  1. Check out the Facebook page for the Royal family.
  2. The official Tumblr page also looks full of good content.

See the official wedding photos:

  1. Kate and William have an official Flickr stream for the wedding.
  2. View the crowd-sourced photos sure to pour in to Flickr.

Enjoy! Please share any good links or tips for those of us planning to watch the spectacle.