Introducing UPNEEQ

Woman covering her eyes with her hands which have a paper wink stuck to them.

Do you feel like you always look tired?

You might have “acquired ptosis”, aka. low-lying lids. UPNEEQ® is an FDA-approved solution to help open up your eyes!

Upneeq chart showing various stages of Acquired Ptosis

Just a drop of UPNEEQ:

  • Lifts eyelid(s) quickly by stimulating your Müller muscle to contract
  • Significantly improves upper field of vision

And it works fast! You should see results in about 15 minutes, with peak results at 2 hours. And UPNEEQ lasts for 8 hours, so you can look refreshed all day and into the night!

Upneeq chart illustrating various levels of Acquired ptosis and real patient results at each level.

Check Out our Team’s Results!

Side by side before and after closeup images of April's eyes with Upneeq
Side by side before and after closeup images of Meredith's eyes with Upneeq

Just a quick consultation with one of our medical providers will help determine if UPNEEQ is right for you! Contact us today!

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