Is Medical Tourism Safe? 13 Things You Need To Know About the Dangers of Traveling for Treatment

woman feeling unsure about traveling (model)

With top medical tourism destination Tijuana less than an hour away from La Jolla, it’s easy to understand why San Diego residents find it tempting to hop across the border for plastic surgery. The costs seem lower, the wait times may be shorter, and why not turn a trip to the plastic surgeon into a mini vacation?

Unfortunately, cost savings and other anticipated benefits of medical tourism may not be worth the risk. In a previous blog post, we talked about Tijuana’s lack of regulations, leading to an infection outbreak among plastic surgery patients. Just this summer, the wife of a Guatemalan diplomat tragically lost her life for a similar reason. María José Chacón, 38, died from complications after a cosmetic procedure in June.

“After the inspection, it was determined there was no medical accreditation for the person pretending to be a doctor at this establishment … People were practicing medicine and nursing without degrees or professional accredited licenses.”

Erwin Areizaga, head of Baja California’s Protection Against Health Risks Commission, Border Report

If there’s one thing we can take away from the situation, it’s this: Medical tourism involves serious risks, and it’s super important to understand the full picture before you pack your bags. We put together this infographic to fill you in on the state of medical tourism, the dangers it involves, and the information you absolutely must know before you go.

Infographic detailing 13 facts about medical tourism.

At La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Med Spa, your safety is our ultimate concern at all times. From the board-certified plastic surgeons on our team to the AAAASF-accredited facilities in which they operate, you can count on the highest standards of safety and preparedness.

With the help of financing options, you can enjoy both an affordable plastic surgery procedure as well as one that delivers exceptional results in a safe and supportive environment right here in San Diego.

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