Let’s Hear It For the Brow Lift: The Unsung Hero of Facial Rejuvenation

Greeting the new day with a smileFor a tell-tale sign of whether or not someone is truly feeling happy, look at the top third of the face. We can force a smile with our mouth, but our eyes will give away how we really feel.

Expressions of joy, sadness, tiredness and brightness relate to the tilt and position of the eyebrow, but the aging process can throw things off, camouflaging our true facial expressions. As skin and muscles on the forehead lose tone and start to sag, the brow can become etched with wrinkles and folds that make us look permanently sad, tired or angry, even when we feel terrific.

The good news is that dramatic improvement is possible with one often overlooked procedure: the brow lift. By removing excess skin and repositioning muscles of the upper face, a brow lift can restore a youthful appearance to the eyes and forehead.

There are two basic techniques we can use during a brow lift. The open surgical technique involves an incision made behind the hairline through which excess skin is removed and the remaining skin and muscles repositioned into a smoother, more youthful brow. Increasingly often, we’ll perform an endoscopic brow lift with suspension, which is less invasive and has a quicker recovery. Through two or three tiny incisions, an instrument called an endoscope is inserted to lift the underlying tissues and reposition the brow.

A brow lift can be easily combined with eyelid rejuvenation surgery to address baggy skin or puffiness around the upper and lower eyelids. Modern techniques include redistributing a patient’s own fat to smooth the natural contour between the lower eyelid and orbital bone.

If you’re wondering why a facelift isn’t the best way to improve an aging forehead, you’re not alone. Many people think that a facelift corrects aging over the entire face. The fact is, a facelift is specifically designed to address aging in the cheeks, jaw and neckline, not the upper face. While a facelift and browlift are often performed together, a facelift on its own won’t help an aging brow.

One should not overlook the dramatic improvements a brow lift can achieve. Even small changes in the contour of the upper face can help you look years younger and much more like your vibrant, refreshed self.