New BOTOX Misinformation

Dr. Johan Brahme

Dr. Johan Brahme

A recent snippet from the Fashion section of New York Magazine proclaimed that “BOTOX® may actually give you wrinkles.” As with so many sensationalist headlines in the blogosphere these days, you have to investigate where these peculiar statements come from.

This latest one seems to have come from some offhand musings printed in the British online tabloid “The Daily Mail.” In other words, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that BOTOX® Cosmetic can give you wrinkles. The statement was made by some practitioner that “if you paralyze some muscles with BOTOX®, maybe the adjacent, un-injected muscles may become overactive.” Again, there is no evidence of this in the scientific literature or in anyone’s clinical experience.

What is important however is that your injector, whether dermatologist or plastic surgeon, has a thorough familiarity with your face, and your muscles. This precise anatomic knowledge is really best appreciated by those who have studied facial anatomy in detail and know the appropriate and safe injection spots.

BOTOX® injections can be done by virtually anyone, so it is “Buyer Beware” when you choose who is going to be working on your face.

At LJC, all BOTOX® (and Dysport®, the alternative to BOTOX®) injections, as well as fillers, are done only by physicians, ensuring that you get the most qualified person taking care of your face.




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