San Diego Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a challenge, and what works for some may not work for others. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone simply don’t give you the results you’re hoping for, leaving many feeling unsure what to try next. Bariatric weight loss surgery can be an effective solution for some, however, if an invasive procedure isn’t an option or you simply don’t want a permanent change to your anatomy, then we might have the perfect solution.

LJCSC is proud to now offer patients the minimally invasive Obalon balloon system for weight loss.

What is the Obalon balloon system?

Obalon is the first and only FDA approved swallowable balloon system for weight loss. It is a non-surgical, fully reversible weight loss system with a proven safety profile. Treatment consists of three balloons that are placed gradually over the course of three months, where they will take up space in your stomach to reduce how much you eat and facilitate weight loss.

The entire course of treatment is six months and should be used in conjunction with a supervised diet and exercise program to ensure you are getting the best results—and helping you change your habits to keep the weight off long-term.

Why choose LJCSC for Obalon?

Several of our LJCSC team members have used the Obalon balloon system to lose weight, with much success! This experience has helped us to create the best possible support system for our patients. Click here to see why choosing LJCSC for your Obalon procedure is a smart choice.