“Don’t walk — run… and get it done!” – LJC patient Bette


Self-transformation takes confidence and courage. Many people know they want to look better, yet hesitate when it comes to plastic surgery.

But if you ask LJC patient Bette what she recommends, she’ll tell you: “Don’t walk—run … and get it done!”

Initially, Bette wasn’t sure it was time to have surgery. She still had personal weight loss goals, and she was worried she might have to lose the weight before having a neck lift. She decided to come in for a complimentary personal consultation with Dr. Michael Roark about the sagging skin on her neck.

“Once I met Dr. Roark, I just never considered using anyone else. He was never judgmental. He removed all the hanging skin.*” Bette was thrilled with the results of her neck lift surgery.

After her first successful surgery and subsequent weight loss, Bette returned to Dr. Roark about a face lift and tummy tuck. She had great confidence in coming to LJC for additional procedures, based on Dr. Roark’s proven skill, the top-notch care supplied by the staff, and her husband’s ultimate trust in the facility.

Bette knew Dr. Roark would share her vision, and equally important, her husband would approve. Having the support of her husband was critical.

“Dr. Roark is one of the most caring and kindest doctors I have ever known. My husband thinks the world of him and I would never have allowed him to alter my looks without his trust in him.”Bette

Bette’s hard work and the expertise of Dr. Roark have made the whole experience positive. Bette reflects on one particular follow-up visit to LJC and the encouragement she received from the staff, “After my tummy tuck, I came in with a size 5 jeans and the staff was so complimentary. I never felt it was forced. They make me feel so good! Dr. Roark is my hero!” She’s truly enjoying her weight loss achievements and new image.

Bette’s story is truly moving and reminds us all that courage, determination, and a great support system are the keys to a successful plastic surgery experience.

Thank you, Bette, for your inspirational story and advice!


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