There’s no place like the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre for Chantal

There are plenty of Botox providers in San Diego, but what matters most is finding a provider you can count on for beautiful results and rock-star treatment time after time.

For Chantal, that provider is Brittany Haley, RN, right here at LJC and the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre! When she came to us, she was a Botox veteran, but she hadn’t quite found the right fit since moving to San Diego:

I’ve been getting Botox done now for four years; however had not found someone I liked here until I came to LJC. It was the fourth place in San Diego I’ve visited, and I’m happy with the service here! My treatments have all been quick and painless. I’ve noticed better results with Botox from coming here than any other location I’ve visited.

Like just about all of Brittany’s patients, Chantal was impressed and reassured by her knowledge and skill not only with injectables, but with all the treatments at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre.

Brittany has been really great all around. She takes the time to answer questions, and her work has delivered noticeable results for my skin. I’ve often come in for one procedure and inquired about others, and Brittany has been extremely knowledgeable about her recommendations.

In fact, she has since added BBL (broadband light) therapy to her treatment plan to help her address the effects of years out in the sun and boost her overall look.

I have been looking for ways (for about a year) to remove the brown spots on my face due to aging and sun damage. The combination of Botox and BBL has made my face look much younger. I’ve been extremely happy with the results.

Now that Chantal has a good thing going, she’s happy to call LJC and the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre her aesthetic services home.

Everyone at LJC is very friendly and helpful. It’s great to have trust in the staff as a whole.

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