Our Carlsbad Medspa Manager, Charity, Shares Her Breast Augmentation Story

Here at LJC, we take it as the highest compliment when our patients refer their friends and family to us for surgery—and we’re thrilled that it happens a lot! It’s just as wonderful when those referrals are our own staff members!

Recently, our amazing La Jolla Cosmetic medspa manager, Charity, took the plunge and had breast augmentation with Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes after considering the procedure for as long as she could remember. She was kind enough to let us share her story!

I’ve always been curious about the process of cosmetic surgery and whether it would be the right decision for me. I have been self-conscious about my breast size my whole life, so surgery was something I had considered my whole life.Charity

As part of the LJC team, Charity saw first-hand the superb level of care and safety that our surgeons provide to each patient, as well as the positive transformation that our patients go through emotionally after their procedures. She knew she’d be in good hands with any of our board-certified plastic surgeons and ultimately chose Dr. Salazar.

I was back and forth about the procedure for a while, but as soon as I had my consultation in person, I was ready. Dr. Salazar has such trusting energy. Knowing I was in the hands of a safe doctor who has ‘perfectionist’ tendencies is what ultimately motivated me to schedule my surgery once and for all.Charity

Patient education has always been a priority for LJC, and Charity was grateful to have so much one-on-one time with Dr. Salazar. She knew exactly what to expect with surgery and how she would look after surgery. On her surgery day, Charity felt calm and ready and not anxious at all

The staff made it almost impossible to be nervous. Everyone felt like a close friend. I just remember feeling like I was at my grandma’s house because of the level of comfort. I instantly felt calm and that I was in good hands. After my surgery, I woke up and was holding a teddy bear. When you have that level of comfort, you can’t possibly have a bad experience!Charity

Although she has some expected discomfort after surgery, Charity says the level of care and attention she received remained as good as ever.

Immediately after surgery, my chest felt tight and it was a little hard to take deep breaths. My nurse gave me a muscle relaxer and it took effect within a minutes. It was nice to have such immediate attention and to feel so comfortable physically after such a big surgery. That evening, my doctor called me to check on me, which was amazing. I would never expect that from a surgeon.Charity

patient smiling after san diego cosmetic surgery procedure at ljcsc

Charity is smiling after her surgery with Dr. Salazar at LJC

Several months later, Charity is happy with her decision to have breast augmentation and to go for a subtle, natural look.

I chose to have a surgery with a less dramatic outcome, and a more natural look that fit my body. While it didn’t change too much about my physical appearance, I am so much more confident. It feels like this is what I was supposed to look like and I am completely comfortable in my own body now!Charity

Charity also says that her surgery experience brought her closer to many of her colleagues at LJC, particularly her surgical team. Dr. Salazar’s lead nurse, Carmen, and the OR and recovery room teams on the day of surgery were invaluable.

Dr. Salazar isn’t just a doctor to me anymore. He’s now my friend and someone I would trust going to for anything! His attention to detail and confidence made me confident I was in good hands, and I was right.Charity

We asked Charity if she had any advice for others considering breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure. This is what she told us:

At least go to the consultation if you have been considering it. The knowledge & education alone is worth it! Every consultation at LJC is customized, and you’ll probably walk out knowing more about your own body than before.Charity

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