Patient appreciates having a surgeon that is “truly looking out for my best interests”


Christy knows what a struggle it is to lose weight. In 8th grade, just when life is beginning to throw so many challenges at you, she weighed 225 pounds and wore a size 22. “I’m a southern girl from Alabama and grew up loving food. When I was a teenager, I moved in with my grandparents and started to become aware of how unhealthy my weight was. My grandmother sent me to nutrition classes and I lost some weight.”

Yet like many people, Christy went on a roller coaster of weight gain and loss for much of her life. Two unfortunate circumstances led Christy in a different direction. “I was involved in a bad car accident, while at the same time my husband who is in the Marine Corps was deployed to Iraq. The stress of both of these situations just sort of kick started my weight loss, and then I took total control of staying on track.” Christy decided the days of the deep-fried southern foods she loved so much had to take a back seat to her new goal of finally getting in shape, and keeping the weight off.

“I lost 60 pounds over two years and should have been feeling great about myself. Instead, the years of yo-yo dieting had left my body with lots of excess skin that I hated.” Knowing her weight loss was permanent this time, she decided to explore surgical options to eliminate the extra skin and give her a body she could be proud of.

Like many patients, Christy thought she knew exactly what procedure she wanted to have—a tummy tuck and liposuction. She researched all the information on the internet and came across the LJC website. Reading about board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lori Saltz, she felt she had found the physician with the right qualifications for her procedure.

“From the time my husband and I walked into La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, I felt this warmth like I was with family. “Dr. Saltz, LJC Medical Director, met with Christy about her goals and desires to change her body. “I loved her immediately. She took the time to explain why an extended belt lipectomy would be the procedure that would help me attain my goals.” Christy had never even heard of that procedure and remembers being filled with questions for Dr. Saltz.

“This was going to be a big surgery and Dr. Saltz took the time to explain all the pros and cons to me. The moment I knew she was the perfect surgeon for me was when I asked her to do surgery on my arms to make them smaller.”Christy

To Christy’s surprise, Dr. Saltz discouraged her from having the arm surgery (brachioplasty) due to her young age and the scars it would leave. “I was completely shocked. I just figured a plastic surgeon would say yes to anything I would pay for but not Dr. Saltz. She was truly looking out for my best interest.”

During Christy’s research, she had made a list of plastic surgeons and booked appointments to compare their surgical skills, personal interaction and prices. “Dr. Saltz was my first and my last consultation. There was no reason to look any further.”

Christy booked her surgery just a few days after meeting with Dr. Saltz and although she was nervous, she recalls that she never felt alone at LJC. Christy says from the front desk, to the nurses, and everyone along the way, you feel as if you are the most important patient.

As for the results, Christy went from a size 12 to a size 6. She returned the following year to have a breast augmentation and lift with Dr. Saltz to complete her new look.

Christy encourages anyone considering plastic surgery to research the procedure, physician and facility very carefully. “Having surgery goes way beyond just the surgical skills. You need to find a physician and team that you can completely trust.” Christy says without a doubt, for her, that is Dr. Saltz and LJC. “I am still surprised that every time I walk through the door they all remember me and ask about my life. The only word to describe LJC is AMAZING!”

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