Forensic crime scene scientist does meticulous research to find the right surgeon


When Allyn decided it was time to get in shape, she didn’t take it lightly. “I worked out all the time and was loving it but there were areas of my body that just didn’t change.” That’s when she decided to get a helping hand through cosmetic surgery. As a forensic crime scene scientist, Allyn does meticulous research, and approached finding the right plastic surgeon in the same manner. “I had already seen two other plastic surgeons and Dr. Brahme was my third consultation… and the third time was the charm.” Dr. Johan E. Brahme, a board certified plastic surgeon, was exactly who Allyn had been hoping to find. “He was so knowledgeable and confident, yet so personable. He validated what I was feeling and showed me how he could help me accomplish my goals.” In addition to Dr. Brahme, Allyn recalls that the LJC staff was warm and welcoming. Since many team members have personally undergone procedures, they shared their experiences with Allyn, which she said made such a difference. Allyn had her first surgery, a tummy tuck, with Dr. Brahme in the summer of 2008 and was thrilled with the results.

“Dr. Brahme’s surgical skills are like an artist. I not only get compliments on how flat my stomach is, but also how amazing the scar looks.”*Allyn

Allyn was so pleased that just one year later, she was ready to take on a few more areas that were bothering her. “I immediately knew that Dr. Brahme would be my surgeon again. Finding the right plastic surgeon is all about building a trusting relationship and I put all my trust in him.”

Allyn’s second round of surgery for additional body contouring has left her feeling more self-confident and motivated to continue her exercise regimen to stay in tiptop shape. “I feel like I’m a walking billboard for Dr. Brahme and LJC. This is a place that really cares about their patients and treats them like family.” Allyn refers friends to Dr. Brahme who are just as excited about their experience as she is. “I’m already planning my next cosmetic surgery adventure and know that Dr. Brahme will be right by my side.”

Meet Allyn’s doctor,

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